Support the creators you love, directly on Twitter.

Introducing OnlyTweets — An experiment from Stir to help creators monetize natively on Twitter.

And no, we're not affiliated with Twitter.

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What's happening?

Creators drive the conversation on Twitter.

Each day, creators share threads, news, and learnings with their supporters, 280 characters at a time.

Twitter conversations
Support platforms
The conversion tax

But they can only support themselves off platform.

Anytime a creator wants to monetize they have to ask their audience to move to another place.

We think this should change

Support creators directly with OnlyTweets.

We think platforms can do more to support creators natively and want to see what it would look like.

Conversion natively

How it works

Followers Supporters

We setup OnlyTweet creators with a new Twitter account that has protected tweets turned on. When a supporter subscribes, we automatically approve their follow request.
It's pretty much native.

OnlyTweets + Twitter
What we recommend

Bundle all the things.

Already have a premium audience? Bundle OnlyTweets with your existing community to engage your audience with multiple touchpoints.

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We've decided on a 90:10 split with creators. The funds collected by OnlyTweets will be placed in an account that is directed towards empowering up and coming creators.